Oregon Systems aims to be an employer of choice: attracting, developing and retaining the best people. We understand that knowledge is the key to success and we maintain good communications with employees through our information and consultation procedures.

Our personnel practices ensure that every employee, wherever they work, whatever their role, are treated equally, fairly and respectfully at all times. Adherence to international health and safety standards ensures that our people are properly protected and cared for, wherever they operate.

Oregon Systems maintains consistent and transparent diversity policies across all our markets. We firmly believe that career opportunity, recognition and reward should be determined by a person's capabilities and achievement, not their age, sex, race, religion or nationality. Wherever we operate, Oregon Systems strives to maintain a workforce that reflects the skills, ethnicity and demographics of the local population.

We recognize that it is the ideas, skills and capabilities of our people that drive our development and growth. In return, Oregon systems will invest in whatever training and resources for our people need to ensure that they are able to develop and grow with us. We believe in give back to the community, and we are committed to the development of the Nation