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Bitglass secures your data across any cloud app and any device

Your company's move to the cloud delivers flexibility and cost savings, but that doesn't mean you should lose control of your data. Bitglass' Next-Gen Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)solution enables your enterprise to embrace the cloud while ensuring data security and regulatory compliance. Bitglass secures your data across any cloud app and any device.

Data Protection

Secure data wherever it goes

• Prevent data leakage with comprehensive, real-time
DLP—watermark, redact, quarantine, and more.
• Secure mobile access without agents—selectively wipe cor- porate
data, enforce device policies, and stop unauthorized access.
• Confidently store sensitive information in the cloud with encryption of
files and field-level data.

Threat Protection

Defend against any threat

• Leverage user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to detect
suspicious behavior.
• Defend against known and unknown malware with Bit- glass’
Zero-day Threat Protection, powered by Cylance AI.
• Identify zero-day threats at rest, at upload and on down- load without
cumbersome definition updates.


Verify users and secure access

• Authenticate users across all applications via single sign-on (SSO)
with any identity provider (IdP).
• Employ multi-factor and step-up authentication to confirm users’
identities and respond to risky logins.
• Use contextual access controls to limit data access by device type,
job function, geographic location, and more.


Oversee all activity

• Monitor all cloud apps through one portal that offers complete
visibility and insightful analytics.
• Enable audit and configure notification settings to alert administrators
of high-risk data outflows.
• Automatically detect and respond to unsanctioned cloud apps
through machine learning with Zero-day Shadow IT Discovery.

The only complete CASB solution

Multimode Architecture

Through API integration, Bitglass can secure any enterprise cloud application. This use of APIs allows organizations to monitor data at rest in the cloud, take action on sensitive content with DLP, and achieve regulatory compliance.
Bitglass’ multi-protocol proxies provide protection for any managed or unmanaged app. Reverse, Forward, and Ac- tiveSync proxies are used to secure apps and devices.

Intelligent Zero-day Protection

Only Bitglass features AI-based Zero-day detection and app protection. Intelligent Shadow IT Discovery capabilities and unmanaged app controls enable Bitglass to prevent data loss from any known or unknown application.
The Zero-day engine automatically detects new upload paths in known and unknown apps to immediately restrict the upload of sensitive regulated data.


Constant focus on customers in the military, government, critical infrastructure, and commercial markets.

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