Siga OT - Confidence from the Source

Enhance the reliability, safety and cybersecurity of your industrial asset


Accurate, real time senson data reduces the need for human intervention

Reliable visibility into equipment status is a key challenge for all critical infrastructure operator. Accurate, real time senson data reduces the need for human intervention.

Take your industrial assets to the next level

Providing cost-effective value from day one, Siga significantly improves the cyber security and asset resilience of operational technologies, while providing alerts and insights at the earliest possible opportunity.


Safeguard your industrial assets with SIGA PLATFORM by directly monitoring raw electrical signals – as opposed to data packets – SigaPlatform brings new and unmatched visibility into physical processes, to support intelligent, real-time, business-critical decision making.


• Early Failure Detection
• Machine Learning Insights & Assets Intelligence
• Process Optimization
• Risk Minimization
• Forensics & Recovery
• ROI from Operational Optimization


Constant focus on customers in the military, government, critical infrastructure, and commercial markets.

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