Tempered Networks

A revolution in secure networking. We make networks invisible - as in gone.


Our mission is to revolutionize network security for a connected world. we make networks invisible - as in gone.

Be Invisible

Macro and Micro Segmentation - Zero Trust Architecture

An Airwall authenticates and authorizes connections based on verifiable machine identities before a TCP session is established with any Airwall edge service peer. By cloaking the endpoints or networks,

they have no visible TCP/IP footprint, are invisible to the underlying network, and inaccessible by any untrusted device or system.

Making all the assets invisible to Cyber Threats and Micro-segmentation for granular control.

• Identity defined perimeter
• Cloaking your critical infrastructure
• Zero-Trust architecture.
• No TCP/IP or UDP layer, works on military grade HIP Protocol
• No Visibility of network/software/ports visibility of the assets protected by Tempered network


Constant focus on customers in the military, government, critical infrastructure, and commercial markets.

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Tempered Networks – A Revolution in Secure Networking

August 2020

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